Communiqué- Post Berguitta, reprise des opérations aéroportuaires

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Depuis la réouverture de l’aéroport international SSR hier soir, mercredi 18 janvier à 18h30, les vols ont repris graduellement. Pour rappel, après que les services météorologiques ont enlevé les alertes cycloniques, le Comité d’urgence de l’aéroport s’est réuni à 17h30 hier après-midi pour passer en revue la situation au niveau des infrastructures et services aéroportuaires. Heureusement, il en ressort qu’aucun dégât majeur n’a été noté après le passage du cyclone Berguitta. Un Comité spécial, comprenant entre autres les compagnies aériennes, a aussi été mis sur pied pour planifier et faciliter la reprogrammation des vols annulés jusqu’ici.

Pour aujourd’hui, jeudi 19 janvier, plus de 110 mouvements aériens sont attendus à l’arrivée et au départ de Maurice. Cela représente plus de 20,000 passagers qui seront traités par les services aéroportuaires en un seul jour. A savoir, que plus de 30 vols additionnels sont programmés pour ce jeudi, pour acheminer les passagers qui n’ont pu voyager pour cause de cyclone.

En conséquence, AML et ATOL ont déployé des effectifs additionnels pour mieux gérer ce grand nombre de passagers. Des dispositions spéciales ont aussi été prises dans le terminal passager de l’aéroport afin de mieux canaliser les voyageurs. Ainsi, l’accès à certaines parties de la salle d’enregistrement est temporairement réservé aux passagers uniquement. 

Toutefois, il est rappelé à tous les passagers qu’ils ne doivent pas se présenter à l’aéroport avant d’avoir reçu confirmation de la reprogrammation de leurs vols. Ainsi, il est fortement conseillé à tous les passagers de contacter leurs compagnies aériennes respectives à ce sujet.

Dans les circonstances actuelles, les services aéroportuaires font le maximum pour minimiser les inconvénients pour les passagers, et font appel à la compréhension et la collaboration de tous dans cette situation exceptionnelle.

AML et ATOL et travaillent étroitement avec tous les autres partenaires aéroportuaires pour un retour à la normale dans les plus brefs délais.   


Reopening of SSR International Airport

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Airports of Mauritius Co. Ltd (AML) wishes to inform intending passengers and the general public that SSR International Airport, has reopened as from 18 30Hrs (local time), this Thursday 18 January 2018. The first aicraft to depart from SSRIA is scheduled for take-off at about 22 30hrs (LT), while the first landing from Johannesburg will arrive at  2215hrs (LT)

Intending passengers are however, strongly advised to contact their respective airlines for further information on the status of their flights and not to proceed to the airport, unless receiving confirmation of the revised departure time.

Passengers and the general public are also informed that special arrangements are in place in the passenger terminal to facilitate the processing of the passengers. Thereby, access to certain parts of the Check-in Halls will be restricted to passengers only.

AML is working in close collaboration with the airport stakeholders towards restoring normal operations at the earliest and thus relies on the understanding and cooperation of all in the present circumstances.

Temporary Closure of Airport due to Cyclone Berguitta

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Further to the issue of a Cyclone Warning Class 3 (Three) by the Mauritius Meteorological Services and in accordance with the Airport Cyclone Procedure, Airports of Mauritius Co. Ltd (AML) wishes to inform intending passengers and the general public that the SSR International Airport will be closed on Wednesday 17 January 2018 as from 07 00Hrs (Local Time), until further notice.   

Intending passengers are strongly advised to contact their respective airlines for further information on the status of their flights.

AML apologises for any inconvenience caused, and reassures the public that it intends to resume its activities as soon as possible. 

Distribution of Blankets at La Laura St- Pierre

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AML partnered with the Mauritius Telecom Foundation for the distrubition of blankets to Senior Citizens of th elocality of La Laura, St Pierre. The Prime Minister, Hon. Pravind Kumar Jugnauth was the Chief Guest for this activity. In his address, the Prime Minister restated the commitment of his Government to empower the vulnerable groups, while providing th means to improve their standards of living.

CSR News- AML Pursues Distribution of Blankets to Elderly and Vulnerable Groups

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During the months of May and June 2017, AML distributed blankets to senior citizens and vulnerable groups in the localities of Mare D'Albert, Petit Bel Air, Beau Vallon and Ville Noire. This initiative was well received by the beneficiaries living in these localities, as this not only contributed to improve the quality of life but is a testimony of the company's commitment to the welfare of the society at large.

Distribution at Beau-Vallon



Distribution of Blankets at Ville Noire, Mahebourg


Distribition of Blankets at Petit Bel Air


The USA lending company is sponsoring the AML renovation work

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August 04, 2017 – An American loan providing agency DLL Green Finance, Inc, known as DirectLoansLenders, is becoming a sponsor for the Airports of Mauritius Co. Ltd.

At a given time, most of the DirectLoansLenders customers are frequent flyers of the AML. As care about the customers is the primary goal for the DirectLoansLenders team, they decided to take part in the airport condition improvement. They are going to donate for the airport renovation work that will already start in the next few months.

The funds given by DirectLoansLenders will contribute to a lot of the airport sections. First of all, considering the cold season, all significant changes will be made later. At the moment, renovation work will be related to the interior decoration that is going to be updated and redesigned. The airport customs are also going to be modernized. It includes equipment and registration center renewal and information desk function expansion. It is necessary to improve airport illumination and air exchange work. Also, it is planned to open up new coffee shops and bars, place additional kiosks with souvenirs, newspapers, and magazines, and improve waiting area conditions.

All these modifications are going to improve the general condition of the airport and the first impression of new arrivals. DirectLoansLenders considers that it is important to do yearly renovation works as new design ideas appear every day, and technological progress is very rapid, and it is extremely important to evolve with these changes. That is why DirectLoansLenders insists on starting the AML renovation work as soon as possible, and promises to do its best for executing the conceived work plan and substantial improvement of the AML conditions.

This sign of good faith was genuinely recognized by the Airports of Mauritius Co. Ltd and customers of both companies and marked the beginning of subsequent and reliable cooperation.

For more information on DirectLoansLenders, please visit

Email Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Mailing Address: 30 N Gould St Ste 3272, Sheridan, WY 82801

CSR News- Distribution of Blankets & School Materials at Grand Bel Air

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On Sunday 07 May 2017, Airports of Mauritius Co. Ltd (AML) in partnership of the Grand Bel Air Senior Citizen Association distributed more than 180 blankets to senior citizens of the locality. 

AML also remitted school materials to some 200 students on that occasion. 

The objective of the activity was to contribute to the welfare of the elderly of the village, particularly in the advent of the winter period. The distribution of the school materials aimed at providing additional resources to the students for them to improve their educational performance. 

This activity was also an opportunity for the families of Grand Bel- Air to come together and celebrate the bonds they share. 


AML Chairman presenting blanket to a beneficiary in the presence of Hon. M. Jhugroo

Senior Citizens of the locality receiving blankets

Special activities were organised for the children of Grand Bel Air on that occasion